I need 3 elegant forms built on 3 different pages (different forms but almost the same). They will be (Basic) . (Pro). and (Rocket). There will be a 'terms of conditions' I need added below each one that the user will need to click "I accept the terms of conditions".. after they hit submit it will send me an email and then take them to a link to make

Weebly: Probably the easiest website builder thanks to its drag and drop system. The templates look clean and professional. You can customize them by changing the position of certain elements on your page, but you won’t have complete creative freedom there. You get a free domain name the first year. If you want a professional email address, you can get it through G Suite (Google’s business emails) but it costs extra. Find our review here.
Great question. I agree with Adam. That said, it depends on your needs. The internet is incredibly vast and offers unlimited resources. All the plugins I use are free. I paid for a theme, as it is robust and visually stunning. I would recommend using a site called Pexels for free stock images. And I know for sure that you can get a site done for $500. Go ask students, particularly in web dev courses, or any blogger (who has probably experienced the hassle of creating a WordPress site). That's my 2 cents, but great question!
I would highly recommend going with a hosting service that has an established reputation for providing excellent customer service. This is because if there happens to be an issue with the website that the business owner cannot figure out on his or her own, the hosting company has likely encountered the issue before and can sometimes provide guidance without the need for hiring an expensive developer to fix the issue.
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Just a note for those of you who may be looking for a recommendation. I used SiteBuilder for 10 years and they are phenomenal! Supported by intuit I think, so they are not going anywhere. I owned my domain name and was able to transfer at anytime. I am anything but computer savvy. But they are idiot proof and always available to assist. Fantastic layouts and design tools. I had dozens of pages with thousands of pics. Paypal. I did upgrade and it was WELL worth the $20 to $25 dollars I paid monthly. I am here because I do not need such space for my new business. So I will check out these sites also. (Thanks for putting them all together for us). But I have a feeling I will go back to SiteBuilder.

But where Webs really shines is its SEO capabilities. If you build your business website with Webs, the platform will guide you through setting your website up for search engine success, while also letting you customize your website based on your needs. Other than that, Webs is one of the oldest website builders in the industry, and a solid option for small business owners who need a powerful and intuitive website.

I need a new website. I need you to design and build my online store. It will include an online shop, that runs smooth , loads fast and easy to use. Will be selling all sorts of things including clothes - need to be able to select size colours, quantity ect , sports equipment , all different stuff , I want to be able to add stuff to it and change what
Im a small business owner thats wanting to join the online presence. But as said in the other posts, it is scary for me. Im good at what i do but know nothing about making a website. The business is still in the start up stages so not alot of free cash to pay a designer. Ive looked into squarespace and it looked impressive. But want to make sure i use a sitebuilder that will make my site actually searchable. Any direction and advice would be grealy appreciated.
Our process starts with a complimentary consultation where we learn about your business and website goals. We will then formulate an itemized plan with concrete costs so you can pick and choose the options that may be right for your business. We can fit into a startup company's budget or work with an established company. Let us learn more about your specific company needs so we can help you reach your goals!
To me, a web designer is skilled in not only modern website design as well as fundamentals of both UX and UI (not necessarily programming, but the visual aspect, as well as understanding flow, and functionality), but also how design isn’t just something that looks good – it HAS TO have a purpose. This is why I feel that web designers should also understand marketing.

If you do one thing on your biz site, you should link to your products and/or services on the homepage. Make it super easy for people to find out what you can do for them —don’t make them hunt for this information, they’ll just navigate off your page instead. For this example, I added three links on the homepage (with eye-catching images) to the three main services offered by this florist — weddings, bouquets, and deliveries. Here’s how I did it:
You can add a reservation widget, which again can save your hosts time and make operations more efficient. You can build an online community with recipes, blogs, and places to get local produce.  You can become not only a local favorite, you can gain popularity nationwide and turn your brand into a product all its own. There is SO MUCH a website can do to boost your bottom line without adding more customers, and while you may have enough customers now, you never know what the next decade will bring. It’s best to get your foot in the door with digital now in the event that it’s necessary in the future.”