A) It's okay if you don't have content written for your website. We can proceed immediately by building the website and since we give you up to 30 days to send us content, you have time to write your content after the website has been built. As long as you send it to us within those first 30 days, we'll add it to the website for free. Don't worry if you go past 30 days and still need to add content.  With BannerOS adding, editing and deleting content can all be done easily yourself.
Another major advantage of providing a website to your customers is that you provide 24/7 access to information about your business and its products and services. Your business may close its doors overnight, but your website is busy marketing your brand and products to prospects and existing customers. It may show up in search results conducted by Internet users during the late night or early morning hours when your lights are off.
Do you want to work with an amazing company based in America? Are you interested in stability and opportunity for growth with your career? Is working for a company that is making the world a better place something that inspires you? Contact us today for an epic opportunity to work alongside one of the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs in New York. In your proposal, make sure you write "I ca...

Doing what your competitors do is not always necessary or even wise. However, one important reason you need a website is to stay on par competitively. Since many customers rely on search engines to find products or services, you need a website to have a chance to show up among their search results. If you don't have a website, you give your competitors the advantage of drawing new business from new customers who might have preferred your products and services had you publicized them better.
Because today, after 4years and half of development, well, I can code in C/C++ (advanced programs), .NET (WPF, UWP, Xamarin), Java (Softwares, Android), Go (API, WS) but I never did any website or webapp, so I would like to get into it. I feel like today it’s an important part so why not. But yeah, I feel like WordPress is high-level and I’m more a low-level dev, so what would be the best way to start or just the best approach overall?
If you need web design or any personally built programs don't go any further than "I need a website".... Alex goes out of his way to ensure that he provides a great service and a product you are happy with. Alex works with you to make sure that you are happy with every aspect of his product. Alex is only a phone call away if you have any queries. Thank you See More
Write Long-Form Content — Once upon a time, stuffing your content with your top keyword would help you rank in the search results. Gone are those days, and just like on that first date we talked about earlier, you’ll actually be penalized for trying too hard. These days, it’s better to simply write your content for the user. Be as comprehensive and helpful as possible and Google will reward you.

For people who draw, paint, work with clay, or otherwise create art in the physical world, a website doesn’t always seem like a logical fit. However, putting photos of your work online is a great way to show what you can do to people you meet, or even sell a few pieces. Keep a simple business card with your website URL on it with you at all times. You never know when someone will want to see what you offer – or commission a custom piece.
It might surprise you to learn that many small businesses fail to develop a successful online presence. Many free websites start out strong but quickly become outdated and way behind current and constantly changing technologies. Hiring an experienced web designer to create a professional, functional and user-friendly website for your business can give you a leg up on your competitors.
So, what do I mean by that? That sounds weird. So, when I say designer, I mean someone who’s strictly an artist, and there’s a lot of those out there. A lot of ‘designers’ are only concerned about the aesthetics of the site. What it looks like, or if its unique, or if it follows the latest website design trends. But at the end of the day they don’t really ‘get it’ when it comes to what the primary purpose of a website is.
Even spending the money on a quality, premium WordPress theme that is responsive, does not a great mobile experience make. So now go back and add in custom buttons on each page for "call us" "email us" and "get directions", that only appear when the website is viewed on on mobile devices and remove website features that may work well on the desktop but do not translate well on a mobile device.
I would highly recommend going with a hosting service that has an established reputation for providing excellent customer service. This is because if there happens to be an issue with the website that the business owner cannot figure out on his or her own, the hosting company has likely encountered the issue before and can sometimes provide guidance without the need for hiring an expensive developer to fix the issue.
Their website design echoes their vintage-style floral tea containers with the same pastel color palette so visitors feel they’re digitally opening their own container of tea to reveal the “me time” experience possibilities. Their slider further entices visitors to give into a “me time” experience, with brand fans praising the experience they enjoy with each cup.
"BannerView was a great partner in building our very detailed website. With over 1,200 members, we needed a site that allowed visitors to update their individual profile pages as well as locate the most current info on our events and programs. BannerView has created some of the best tools available to assist us in having a state-of-the-art website."
From there, click on “Email accounts,” then on “Create an email account.” Enter your preferred email address prefix (before the @ symbol), then select the domain you want it to represent from the drop-down menu. Create a password, set your storage limit, and click “Create.” For more information, read our article on how to get a free business email address.
We all know that somewhere, out there, huge corporations are conducting business on a scale that would make most of our heads spin. At Solas Web Design, we’ll be the first to say, we are pretty much utterly lacking in that grand-scale corporate mindset. What we do understand is the small business. Why? Because Solas Web Design is a small business. And, the majority of our web design clients are small businesses, being run either by sole proprietors, husband-and-wife teams or multi-generational families across the U.S. We understand that small business owners are striving to support themselves and their families through their companies because we are in the same boat. Like you, we are dependent on Internet visitors finding our website, liking what they see, and doing business with us. Because of our real-life understanding of this, we take our clients’ goals and needs very seriously, and know that they are entrusting us with something extremely important when they hire us to design their website.

A web designer creates the visual elements of a website such as colors, layout, formatting, etc. He/She must have a good grasp of design fundamentals and learn how to use the main design software. Graphic and web designers are often considered equals as both of them must have great computer graphic skills and use similar software, but they are not the same. Web design requires specific knowledge of the field and certain technical skills.

A web designer creates the visual elements of a website such as colors, layout, formatting, etc. He/She must have a good grasp of design fundamentals and learn how to use the main design software. Graphic and web designers are often considered equals as both of them must have great computer graphic skills and use similar software, but they are not the same. Web design requires specific knowledge of the field and certain technical skills.
Hi Susan, Yes, in this article we look at WordPress.org instead of WordPress.com, as the self-hosted platform is more popular - and it also avoids confusion between .com and .org! We use WordPress.org in this article to demonstrate the difference in paying for a drag and drop builder, a self-hosted platform, and a custom website. If you'd like to read more about WordPress.com check out our in-depth review here - it covers tools, ease of use, pricing and more. I hope you found this article useful and interesting, Lucy
What’s the scope of the work? Will the website be basic with just a few pages about your company, its services, and contact information? Or will it also have an e-commerce section for online shopping, a blog, or content for visitors to download? Before you hire a web designer, make sure you have a thorough, specific list of the components you must have the designer include in the web design.

I am looking for someone to design an interactive ga...someone to design an interactive game in a couple short weeks I work for a clinical trial company and making an interactive game for an upcoming tradeshow we will be at. We need a game that has a patient and doctor in a clinic. The "patient" needs to be able to ask questions for the user to answer

That said, even if your website is responsive, it’s usually a good idea to make some additional adjustments to your mobile site. Your mobile website should make your call to action a central focus, whether that’s getting users to call your business, fill out a contact form, join a mailing list, or make an online order. Remove any excessive details that might make that more difficult.
For businesses that aren’t brick and mortar — a graphic designer working out of their home, for instance — list your office hours and time zone so that customers know when you’ll be available and answering emails/calls/etc. This will help prevent 7 pm emails from customers expecting an immediate response. It will also help you separate work hours from actual life hours — something that can be difficult when you work out of your house.
Everyone knows how important reviews can be – we found that 75% of small business shoppers think it’s important to read them before visiting a business. But what if you are in an industry where your customers don’t always want to broadcast that they’ve visited you? While some clients might hesitate to put a review on Yelp about how helpful your services have been for them, they might be open to leaving a testimonial on your website.
I tell clients that getting a website is like getting a telephone. They both have similar cost structures. The website cost is like the cost of the phone and installation. You pay one time and the equipment is yours. The hosting cost is similar to your monthly phone bill — you own the equipment but you pay for the service of being able to use it. The domain name registry is like the phone number — a unique way to get in touch with only YOU.
I think web designers will always be needed if you really want a bring you website on the first page of search engines….I have never hired a web designer and build my own website for blogging but now I am planning to launch a ecommerce website which needs lot of work…web designers can really help in designing complex website…yes financially one has to be strong to hire web designers…money makes money…if you really want to excel in online business you will need to spend money..!! thanks for this useful post..!!
Because although many don’t think about it like that, a blog is a business. If you run a blog like a business you will maximize the value to your readers, which is ultimately the real goal of running a blog. While income is certainly a factor, I don’t know anyone who started a blog who doesn’t love to write or at least who doesn’t love to provide valuable information to their readers. If they didn’t why would they choose blogging?
Web Design and Social Media Marketing. No-Nonsense Problem Solver. Geek Not Spoken Here. WEB DESIGN: I develop responsive websites with WordPress which is the industry standard for website development. Responsive design makes the most sense when developing your new business website because the design adjusts itself to the size of a user's screen. Your website visitors will be able to view all of your content on a desktop computer, laptop, phone, tablet, or TV. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: I am not a consultant who tells you what to do. I am a marketing expert who does the work for you! I am the social media expert at Abuzz Creative and I manage social media channels for businesses of all sizes with creative, engaging posts that entice followers to like and share. I have the expertise to create an online buzz for your business with creative, engaging posts and custom graphics on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. COLLABORATOR: HarborActive computer training initiative for northern Michigan. Teach hands-on social media marketing and online marketing training classes for residents of the communities around Little Traverse Bay. SOCIAL IMPACT: I support the causes that mean the most and I am very involved with my community as a volunteer and committee member to various non profit organizations. Chairman of the board for a local chamber of commerce.
Expert Plastering Inc. is a well-respected professional plastering company which offers their services in their own local area. They don’t need shopping features on their website, and they don’t need to compete with plastering companies in other regions, states or countries. The function of their website is to offer a portfolio of their work, and to enable customers to contact them via the web. This most simple type of web design helps their company to maintain a visible Internet presence at a fraction of the cost one pays for telephone directory or newspaper advertising. With more and more people turning to the Internet to find local services, a basic website like this is a must for almost any services business. Dentists, lawyers, architects, daycare facilities, landscaping companies and almost every other type of business professional will benefit from even a simple website like this. This type of website is also suitable for non-profit organizations, when the capability of taking donations is added to the site function.

Jimdo is another well-established website builder, and is quite useful for those who are a little bit more comfortable with coding. Jimdo enables users to create free, mobile-friendly HTML5 sites. The platform’s top strength is its free online store  as most website builders tend to charge an arm and a leg for this feature. Jimdo also offers a generous 500MB of storage and great customer support.
When you spend the majority of your day in the great outdoors, the world wide web is probably the furthest thing from your mind. But the types of advertising landscapers typically use—from car magnets to lawn signs—work best when they direct the viewer to a website where they can take their time learning more. A great landscaping website should include services, pricing, and high-quality images of beautiful results customers got from the company.
I Need Website is an eVenture from Byte Technology, a company formed in 1995 by a professional network engineer with a team of developers. The main objective has been to provide state-of-the-art products and services in the field of Information Technology. The activity involves web site designing, business process automation, ecommerce solutions and search engine promotion.
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